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Discussion on: Expo SDK 38 is now available

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Brent Vatne

we started leaving this list out because the blog post becomes quite long, so we link to the changelog instead. also, we update everything automatically when you run expo upgrade, except for the types.. we should add that!

other points are useful too! thank you!

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Derk-Jan Karrenbeld • Edited on

Yep, expo upgrade finally worked smoothly (I had issues with 36 -> 37, 35 -> 36), so very happy with that. If this list was in the Changelog, that would work for me as well.

EDIT: expo upgrade upgraded react-native-screens to ~2.8.0, but it gave me a warning that it expected version range: ~2.9.0 - actual version installed: ~2.8.0. (expo install worked fine, just the upgrade).

The use case that's not covered if it's not listed anywhere is that quite a few times I've not added a module because there were issues with it (resolved upstream, waiting for next SDK) and I could then instantly see "ah it got bundled".


I'm just lazy ;)