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How to Make Your Coding Stronger


How to Make Your Coding Strong

You may think you’ve figured out coding. You may feel like you’ve hit a wall and aren’t progressing anymore. Either way, it is time to up your coding game to make sure that it is the top of the line. You want your product to be quality and not something anyone can throw together at a moment’s notice. It is good to keep up with current trends and best practices in the field because it is always changing. Making your coding better is a great way to get job promotions or be able to move onto a new project with a different company. Whatever you want to get out of your career, here are some ways you can make your coding amazing:


One On One

That’s right, as easy as it is to sit at home or at your desk take any chance you can to collaborate with other coders. This could be anyone from your friends to other coworkers who you admire and look up to. Take some time to have a good conversation with them. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, it can just be two friends getting together to talk about something that you are both passionate about coding.


Get out your laptops and start looking over what each one of you has been working on. Talk about what you like and where you can improve or what you could do differently. Make sure you take the criticism well, they are taking the time to show you where you can improve.


See The Bigger Picture

You aren’t just writing code. You are writing code that is getting read and interpreted by different search engines. A user is clicking on a page and interacting with the front end of the content. You may even have architects and designers that are looking at how to improve the design of the website or project. There is also market research software that is being used to keep analytics and tabs on the company or business that you built the code for. This makes it vital that your code is easy to read and follows the best practices you’ve been taught in classes.  


Keep Reading and Writing

You may be done with a big project and don’t have much to do at work, but this makes it so important to keep using all of your skills. There’s a good saying “use it or lose it” and this is not the exception. If you don’t continually use your coding skills and programming languages on a daily basis you are in danger of losing them. Keep practicing and writing code to become better at it. This is where having a freelance or side job can be super helpful. You can come home after work or on weekends and have coding projects to do. This is also helpful because you are able to earn some extra money.

Focus on The Outcomes

Learn as many programs and languages as you can to see the bigger picture and outcome of your specific project. It is important to see how all of the pieces fit together because the process and techniques will be something that you need to remember. The programming language may change or be upgraded, but the concepts and techniques that you are learning about coding won’t change.


Stretch Your Brain

If you are stuck thinking that there is only one way to solve a problem or you can only look at problems one way, it is time to start thinking differently. There are a lot of ways to solve the same problem and it is important to keep your mind sharp and alert. Take some time to take some online classes or join a coding club that gets you surrounded with other people and different coding problems that you can solve. This keeps your brain alert and ready to tackle new and challenging problems. Interacting with different people can help you train your brain to think in different ways and they can point out where you went wrong. Take the time to learn some new things about coding.

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