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Discussion on: Deploy Nuxt.js on DigitalOcean App Platform in 5 minutes or less

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Brian Caffey

Thanks for the article! I’m curious if you are using another backend with Nuxt. I recently got into Nuxt and I use Django as a backend REST API. I didn’t want to use App Platform because I would need to pay for both a Django “app” and a Nuxt “app”, in addition to any other apps/components I need (redis, Postgres, async workers). Maybe I’m thinking about DOAP the wrong way but for now I’m still deploying my apps on droplets using the docker Droplet machine image with docker swarm.

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Till Sanders Author

Yeah, I'm using Nuxt for the frontend and it communicates with a Laravel API that is also deployed using App Platform. As far as I know, the only way to do this is to pay for both deployments separately. So it is more expensive than a droplet. But when I think about the time this solution saves me, it weighs out the extra costs for me. With a droplet, I would need to set up the environment, continuous deployment, and maintain those. It's not hard, but I feel like my time is better spent on the project itself.