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Discussion on: Setting up a Django project in Kubernetes with minikube

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Brian Caffey Author

Thank you @geowat ! Also, good choice on your tech stack ;) I haven't added any Helm charts to this project yet. I have mostly been doing ECS and docker swarm for container orchestration in my recent projects. For k8s, I'm also not sure which tool is best for CI/CD and IaC. I know that Helm is a way to do this, but there is also CDK, cdk8s, TerraForm, CDK for Terraform (I'm not making that up) and Pulumi. These options almost all sound better than writing Go-formatted YAML templates which is what Helm does I believe. This does depend on how complex the template logic/application is, I suppose. These options would probably all be fine at least for getting started.

Have you considered docker swarm? If you are familiar with docker-compose, then it might be worth exploring. I usually use docker swarm for single-node projects and ECS with Fargate for something that requires auto-scaling. I did look into Helm for only managing dependencies like postgres and redis, but I'm typically using those as managed services from AWS.