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re: I'd be interested to hear your thoughts/feedback on GistPad. I built it to provide an in-editor developer library, that can include scratch notes, ...

So, something I was looking for that led me to your VSCode Extension, is the inline commenting. However what I'd really want would be a way to have that sort of inline comment but right in the repo code. That way we could keep our "no comment" policy in place, but for VSCode users there would still be a way for code authors to leave notes & thoughts & descriptions of functions/classes/components and have other team members able to see the comments and better understand that code (if they so chose).

Is something like that even doable? I'm sorry if this isn't really direct feedback on your extension.


Actually do you know any good resources on writing your own VSCode extension? I'd like to dabble in it and this sounds like a fun problem to try and solve!


I'm not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind, but I just released a new extension this morning (called Code Tour), that allows you to record and playback interactive walkthroughs of a codebase. Might be interesting for your use case?

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