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I mostly agree, although since I started on Rails 5 my perspective doesn't go back very far.

I'm a little concerned with the pace of adoption of HTTP/2 features. Rails just got early hints for pushing assets, despite discussions about H2 and Rails going back to at least 2014. A quick search reveals zero info about whether the Rack/Rails ecosystem supports header compression. The most popular deployment option, Heroku, doesn't support H2. This concerns a feature that reached all major browsers over three years ago.

Webpack support has been great for modern frontend tooling, though the shiny new Webpack 4 was released months ago and support via the Webpacker gem is still in prerelease.

So yeah, working with Rails is awesome, and constantly getting better. That's why these few exceptions stick out to me, because they represent little pockets of stagnation in an ecosystem that consistently makes my work better and easier. These are pretty luxurious complaints to have, all things considered.


The most popular deployment option, Heroku, doesn't support HTTP/2.

A lot of Rails apps are deployed on Heroku, I feel like if they started supporting it there would be more interest by the Rails community to go "HTTP/2 first"

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