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Discussion on: Recoil - Ideal React State Management Library?

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Brian McBride

Keep in mind that the "React Core" isn't a very complicated and other libraries work just as fine.
I suggest you take a look at Hookstate.js. It is basically the same thing as Recoil, but I'd go as far to say it is even easier to use.

The problem with Facebook koolaid (realize that I still pick React for my front end work, although I am considering Preact these days), is that Facebook engineers are people too. In fact, they are people who passed an interview in Silicon Valley that is known to be sexist, racist, and agest (sadly). What I am getting to is that these tech giants don't have the best of the best, they have the best applicant at the time who passed their biased culture screening.

My point is here, although Recoil has many aspects that I prefer - why didn't Facebook just adopt an existing library? We already have this solution out there. Instead, there is an alpha/beta codebase with less features that the entire community is making hype about. It doesn't mean it will get better development either, as most developers just use libs like redux and rarely bother to actually look at the source to see what it actually does, much less try and contribute to it.