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Discussion on: 4 reasons why you should use GraphQL over REST APIs

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Brian McBride

I like the idea of GraphQL. I find building resolvers properly with good caching is something that most people don't do (causing worse performance).

It also encourages building a monolith. With RESTful APIs it is easier to deploy smaller services or microservices.

Now, you can use federation or just really lean on your developers to not reach into other services. What I mean by this, say you have a e-commerce site. With RESTful you might have APIs that cover Account, Cart, and Payment. The cart API might call the Payment and Account APIs. I keep seeing GraphQL developers just reaching into the other domain's code. The cart calls the code from Account and Payment (or worse, reaches directly into the database).

I realize this really isn't a fault with GraphQL itself, but more around development patterns. Still, almost every tutorial is teaching developers to build tightly coupled monoliths that at enterprise scale is not a great pattern.

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