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I don't know about "Better," but the one I'm enjoying most right now is Eleventy (11ty).

I like it because it's fast, is similar to others I've used in the past and it's based in JS. When I started using it, it was because it was "Jekyll-like" but built with JS, so no need to install ruby or manage ruby.

I like how simple and flexible it is. It's super easy to use a lot of different templating engines and it doesn't take over a project as hard as some of the others.

I really like the idea of "JavaScript Data Files" that it has. You can have JSON data files like in Jekyll or you can have a JS file that exports a module that collects and formats data on build. Super handy.

I wrote a LITTLE about it here:


I second 11ty. The templating is super flexible. You can do some cool things with it. I wrote about it at LilyPond in markdown.

Here is the demo.

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