What parts of CSS confuse you?

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This discussion serves two purposes for me: 1) I'm truly curious to see what sorts of questions on CSS exist and 2) I'm working on creating more content around CSS, so I'm looking for good tutorial and blog ideas.

We find ourselves in a Renaissance of the CSS specification, but a lot of the basic fundamentals of CSS get left behind. This can be especially true for beginners. Those of us who have been writing CSS for a while focus on the "NEW" that's come out and don't often talk about the basics enough.

What are you biggest questions on CSS? Is it something with new CSS like Grid, Flex or Custom Properties? Is it a fundamental question about the CSS Box Model? Happy to discuss any of them in the comments and then also discuss them at length in future blog posts!

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Definitely can be super mind bending!

I'm by no means an expert on them (or the underlying math ;)).

I DO love this site for visualizing and playing with them: cubic-bezier.com/

I've used it a lot when I want to write a custom easing.


Don't know where they come yet don't know what they do



Nice meme :D

Those properties could probably be enough for an entire series since they work for flex and grid slightly differently.

Not sure I can do better than the complete guides to Flexbox and Grid on CSS Tricks, though:



Take a look at those and let me know if that meets your needs or if a different type of explanation would be better


Wow thank you :D

Guess it's time to face my fear and dive into it

Those CSS Tricks resources were amazingly helpful to me when I started learning Grid and Flex. Make something simple on CodePen and try things out.

When I say super simple, I'm talking colored boxes on the page. Great thing about playing in something like this is there's nothing to break, so no need to worry :D

In fact, here's a quick CodePen that you can fork if you want and play around: codepen.io/brob/pen/dBozpX

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