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Nice post ;)

Here are top the things I want to focus on in 2019:

1). Continue improving my knowledge of CI / CD and Development practices

With Tools like Kubernetes, Automated tests etc and do an example project with a complete pipeline including Unit tests, integration tests, contract tests, test environments by branch, integrations with Pull requests, Deploys via slack etc. The application could be really simple. The focus here is in the workflow.

2). Learn the basics of a VueJS and its Ecosystem.

I have specialized more on Backend work for the past years, but I like to know a bit of everything related to Web development and to be able to build an application from "Idea to production". To achieve that, I need to refresh my frontend skills. I dont want to be a Frontend expert and its almost impossible to be a complete full stack developer right now. Just knowing enough to be able to build something. Vue seems to be the best choice considering learning curve, tooling, community and popularity. I dont really like React and JSX.

3.) Build and launch some side project.

It doesn't need to be a complex thing or to become rich with it. Just ship something useful for someone. The skills from 1 and 2 will be useful here.

4). Continue improving my Golang knowlegde

I have been working with Go for the past months in my job and I really it. I want to continue working on it and become a pro ;)

I think its enough goals to start with ;)

Other interesting topics I might deep dive a little are Graphql, Typescript and Apache Kafka.

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