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Discussion on: Technology stack for your blog in 2019

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Bruno Paz

Nice stack.

For me, Vue and Gridsome instead of React and Gatsby. Just a personal taste as I prefer Vue over React. ;)

Gridsome is pretty new and less mature compared with Gatsby but hoping it can catch up in the future.

I am just starting getting my hands dirty on modern frontend technologies so for now, I prefer working with pure Javascript, but plan to give Typescript a try in the future.

ESLint, Prettier, Jest, and Cypress are pretty standard JS tools nowadays so I also use all of them in my frontend projects.

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Paul Susicky Author

Yes if I had used Vue instead of React I would have taken the same stack!

Typescript is awesome and you should definitely try it! I would say it is a must-have if you are working on a bigger project.

I'm using it for every project (even the small ones), but that's because I came from C# background and I really missed types in Javascript 😀

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I just checked Gridsome it's awesome