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re: Fair points and understandable. I love the output, and everything I do is for comments like these. However, I do have the counterargument of "Shou...

I think that is up to your target audience.

So as an example;
I assume Discord is really meant for “Gamers” and not trying to being the market leader (yet?) in Voice Chat & Message communication. This audience, usually has a stable power connection & a good enough computer where more memory consumption does not have a huge impact & storage is also usually not an issue (typing this whilst glazing at my 2 HDDs and SSD)

Does it matter for a products like Skype? Hell yes! Skype is used by so many users, especially in third-world countries. Having a bloated Electron app would definitely hurt the user experience for people who can’t afford the latest and greatest. Hell, even my Grandma uses Skype, and she really does not have a Razor Laptop (yet?😆). I think an Electron version of Skype would just cut off a huge portion of their users in an instant.

So I think it boils down to; if accessibility of your software is a tremendous factor, then you must write efficient software (= not use Electron)

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