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Bryan Ollendyke Author

lol. Why yes I can! By gaslighting you completely and saying "but it really says this.innerHTML = sketchTag;". In this, we can see that you have found a mistype and I hope that now the update makes more sense :).

The point of sketchTag was simply the idea of another tag providing the advanced functionality. aaaannnnnd then I didn't actually set it to innerHTML (a horribly simplistic method of making this load) :)

Thanks for the note. Updated both doc blocks.

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Danny Engelman

Dont gaslight me, i fart pure alcohol. Code is wrong... your trying to stuff dom elements into a string

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Bryan Ollendyke Author

The following code was always there, under every comment that was made, and has never been modified from it's original, posted below.

      let sketchTag = document.createElement("the-parrot-sketch");
      sketchTag.innerHTML = this.getAttribute("say");
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