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Will critique for code

Ever wanted to contribute to a growing open source project but feel you don't know how to get an "in" or where to begin? HAXTheWeb has multiple issues like this but I think this is a particularly good one for people new to front end development looking to learn web components. Our team can bang this out in a few hours but that's not the point - we need you!


Yes You! You reading this right now are able to contribute to Web components and making the web a more open place. You don't know where to start, well I'm here to tell you. Here's the place to start

We're looking to make a web component that hits github's API and then presents what it finds. If your willing to donate the time to make it, we're willing to donate the time to critique, guide and help you hone your skills.

But I don't know anything

Critique is not about shaming or ruining someone's day. Critique is a series of nudges toward a better version of what your trying to build. Our team critique's each other's work on a regular basis; it makes us stronger. Impostor syndrome keeps you from contributing to open source projects or learning a new development approach; we're here to help dispel that too with a friendly and open community! This is a safe place to learn, be wrong, and learn new approaches to things.

How do I "apply"?

Join us in our slack channel at . If your willing to build a code-repo-preview (or whatever name) web component that can visualize Github data as an overview, we're willing to help answer questions and point you to resources on how to make this happen.

Who are you?

HAXTheWeb is a collective of developers from multiple organizations but the bulk of our code backing is done by multiple college's at Penn State. Together we work with each other, other institutions, government agencies, student groups and random people to build a better, more open, more free web. All our work is open source and our monorepo (1 repo to manage many projects) has north of 200 NPM published web components --

Jump in our channel and let's build the future together!

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