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re: It is a long time ago I did all this but let me see. Ignoring most dogmas, What you're doing here looks about right. A terrible idea is to expose...

They've updated their examples a bit since you were last there. There are custom statements and custom operators at github.com/nilproject/NiL.JS/tree/...

When I get the readme done and a folder with a couple of samples in, I'll send the link. In the meantime, I've got a an enhanced JavaScript called Lychen ("Lichen" is already taken). For some years my work has been using an enhanced JScript using the same technique. I'm now pursuing V8 as a personal project.

Project now on GitHub in a public repo at github.com/axtens/Lychen. Other repos have been deleted.

Hey Bruce, it's been some time since you commented on this article. I went to check out Lychen (again) on GitHub today and noticed your last commit was 29 days ago. May I ask, what do you use Lychen for? Why can't you do it with regular JavaScript? What is the use case? Anyone else using it as far as you know? Cyanobacteria sure but what is the objective of this project? :)

As far as I know, no one is using it. I use it as a test-bed for ideas which I then propagate to our in-house tool, which also uses ClearScript but targets JScript rather than V8. I've recently started fiddling with LychenBASIC, which targets the VBScript engine via ClearScript.

In some respects I work in a backwater. We have a commitment to the Windows platform (which I chafe against from time to time): Azure, SQL Server, C# with JavaScript as the extension language, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code (when not using Notepad++).

As for "why can't you do it with regular JavaScript?" well-l-l-l, okay, maybe I'll start learning nodejs. Maybe there's some way of using it in our current ecosystem.

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