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re: Hey Bruce, it's been some time since you commented on this article. I went to check out Lychen (again) on GitHub today and noticed your last commi...

As far as I know, no one is using it. I use it as a test-bed for ideas which I then propagate to our in-house tool, which also uses ClearScript but targets JScript rather than V8. I've recently started fiddling with LychenBASIC, which targets the VBScript engine via ClearScript.

In some respects I work in a backwater. We have a commitment to the Windows platform (which I chafe against from time to time): Azure, SQL Server, C# with JavaScript as the extension language, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code (when not using Notepad++).

As for "why can't you do it with regular JavaScript?" well-l-l-l, okay, maybe I'll start learning nodejs. Maybe there's some way of using it in our current ecosystem.

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