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Discussion on: Unbearably slow API gateway calls between Azure App Services

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Evaldas Author

Hey, yes.

So the actual issue was VNet and that it used our own DNS.

Any outgoing external request would be routed through a service that would check if address is not blacklisted by our IT department. Can't remember how it was called, but it was this exact service that caused it.

Hope that helps. If you need more details, let me know.

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Mike Van Tubbergen

I tried removing the route table from the Subnet the App Service was running on, but still encountered the same issue. Was there another change needing to be made, perhaps on the VNET/subnet itself, or the way the company created it internally?

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Evaldas Author

To be honest we went with a totally different approach.

The only solution I was told was not to check these outgoing addresses at the company level, which we obviously didn't do.

The service we called was internal and we implemented event driven architecture to not rely on it and to be more fault tolerant.