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I didn't see much on a major corporate tech stack: Microsoft-backed .NET frameworks, SQL Server, and their server architecture (IIS).

There's also not much on what I consider the nexus point, common ground, equalizer, or uniter of the front and backend dev: the IDE. And to tie it back to MS, IMO, they provide the 2 best IDEs in the business: Visual Studio and VS Code. The IDE is where I spend 80 percent of my time as a full stack developer, along with browsers (using dev tools for troubleshooting and researching the internet--I consider the browser as part of the Integrated Development Environment, at least in practice).

It's not to be an exhaustive list of specifics, I know, but here's my comments on specific categories I saw missing the Microsoft platforms I'm used to learning about/using as a full stack dev, FWIW. (I also live in an Apache /Angular / PHP / MySQL world, and saw more about those stacks on the list, which is fair).

Good list of concepts and technologies to be aware of in some degree as a FSD.

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