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Discussion on: My Portfolio Page (I will be happy to hear comments :))

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Burak Saraloglu • Edited

I assume that you've built this portfolio to get a job, but unfortunately your portfolio is lacking in the design aspect. There is no visual hierarchy and colour consistency. I don't know about your experience level but you should definitely improve your self in UI design.

edit: I also checked your github profile. Please avoid using inline css or style tags on top of html. You should work on .css files. Also please remember, html is not a programming language. That's why you should improve yourself in some languages (ex. JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, etc.).

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DidemDr Author

thank you for the answer and reviews.
I'm just a beginner and this portfolio page is a project for FreeCodeCamp.
I'll definitely work on UI design, too. Actually this is the sixth page I've designed until now :)
Again, I really appreciate your detailed review. I love learning to code. But I know there are so much things to learn before I have a real job :)