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Discussion on: What developers do in free time?

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Ronald Flores Sequeira

I'm an anxious person. I'm being a full-time Web Developer for almost 4 years now, mostly all of this time I couldn't get real free time for me, it's until now that all that is costing, both mental and physical health, that I realize how much important is to be disconnected in order to have some real free time. We are full-time developers in our minds, but we don't need that to be a good developer, in this path we just burn our self out.

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Ali Abbas Author

But I think, you should take some break in between. That wont hurt. It will decrease the anxiety

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Andreas Jakof • Edited on

Even though I try to get disconnected and do nothing heavy on the brain. I still think about work from time to time. Mostly it is synectic though.

All over sudden the back of my brain squirts out an idea, how to tackle something. That is the time, I write an email to my work address with some keywords or phrases. Enough to remember the idea the next day. And that already calms it and puts work back out of my head.

Also I am unreachable except for some very specific colleagues, when I am not at work. No phone, no email, tomorrow is early enough, nobody will die, if I am not reachable, we are no ER surgeons.