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re: Sure, if you take that sentence out of the context of the whole post. The post is his reflections on how he writes and posts to Dev.to. It's a #d...

And that's precisely what I was addressing: his reflections and the way he thinks about this.

If I think my voice can be vetted by other people's notion of morality, I will find it acceptable if I see it happening to me or anyone.

And I find that position very dangerous.

One thing is asking "is it respectful or appropriate", "is it a grateful way of writing to other developers", or "is it effective from a publisher's perspective". A totally different thing is asking: "is it morally acceptable", "has this been prohibited"...

I really don't think making decisions for yourself based on the moral code you follow is a dangerous thing. At no point did the OP call for silencing of others' speech. At no point did the OP call for policing others' speech.

I guess we have different positions and that's totally acceptable.

To clarify, I did not claim he called for silencing other people. What I said was:

"I think it's dangerous to even consider the possibility of silencing someone's voice because one might not like his/her "style".

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