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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author • Edited

Now, I'm wondering if your issue has been raised there, too.

FWIW, my issue has absolutely been brought up in their forum. And on their SpotifyCares accounts. The "answers" they give are... dismissive and insulting. (I reference this in the previous post, where I provide a link to one of my forum posts.) There are many forum threads started for this issue. Some of them go on for hundreds of pages. For the most part, Spotify ignores them or just provides a link to their 8-year-old blog article explaining their brilliant methodology. Far worse (IMHO), they've taken to simply marking the issues as "not an issue" or "implemented".

If you tell me, "We hear you, but it's not on our agenda to address this right now." I can actually deal with that. I get it. When you mark my issue as "not an issue" or "implemented" - after you've done nothing to address the issue, admittedly, it pisses me off.

I've actually come to realize that this is a standard feature of Spotify's "support". Even if you find something that's outright broken, good luck getting them to fix it. Or even to acknowledge it.

For another example of this, you used to be able to drag tracks from your History tab onto your playlists. Then, a few years ago, it just stopped working. No answer for why it doesn't work. It just doesn't. You can find references to it in the forums - but there is no fix action, nor any acknowledgment of the issue. One day it used to work. The next day it didn't. And if you don't like it... oh, well.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

I can access the search bar with keyboard shortcut, but it doesn't expose search against my own playlists or my playlists for that matter.

Interesting finding. I might add it to my Spotify Toolz site ( I'm in the process of building it right now, but the first feature (basic, random shuffling) is live. I'm currently working on putting up de-dup capabilities, because I often find that I've managed to get multiple copies of some tracks in my playlists and Spotify doesn't really have any efficient way to deal with that. The site will also have an improved mechanism for finding new music (cuz their track suggestions are another one of my gripes that could fill an entire blog...).

I might add a search-in-playlists feature. I could see that as being helpful.

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