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Discussion on: Who Killed The Tab?

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author • Edited

Sometimes I use vi (which I occasionally call six, just to annoy).

This sentence alone makes me like you.

But the thing I do find annoying that, more and more, I'm seeing development organizations using prettifiers and reformatters to enforce sameness across code.

I mostly agree with you. The only "modification" I'd add is that: I don't mind those tools. If they work for you (or your team), then, great! I only "mind" those tools when I feel that I almost have to use them to work around the other arbitrary rules that have been forced upon us by the standards / style guides.

I, for better or worse, feel that it is better for developers to be exposed to more diversity in coding (beyond the whole spaces/tabs thing) as, no matter where you go, you're going to see some differences anyway. Sometimes these differences can help you improve your own code by learning tips and tricks that reformatters are often configured to rewrite.

Truly, this is a beautiful sentiment. I feel that it kinda falls in line with other things I've blogged about in the past. But I also think it might become its own blog topic in the not-too-distant future.

At some point, in the desperate search for code "quality", people decided that this could be accomplished with slavish conformity and sameness.

But "quality" is more than just ensuring that everyone's code looks like a carbon copy. And... to your point, there are some wonderful "a-ha!" moments to be had when you're perusing someone else's code that isn't "wrong" - but is just a little different from your own.

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🦄N B🛡

which I occasionally call six, just to annoy

Step your troll game up a level of annoyance and call it eleven. You're welcome.