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Discussion on: The Perils of Remote Work

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

The pandemic has absolutely forced many organizations to utilize remote work - whether they wanted to or not. But while the pandemic can force an employer's hand, it won't necessarily make them good at managing remote work(ers). Some will embrace it. Others will stubbornly "get through it" - biding their time until they can call everyone back into the office.

I've already heard lots of stories from both sides of this. Some talk about how the pandemic actually led their company to switch to remote work. Others talk about how badly the company handled the situation and how they're all gonna be called back into a physical location as soon as it's feasible.

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I suppose, in a way, we were "forced" - and yes, there have certainly been "ill-informed" choices made higher up the food chain.

But ultimately, we were told 1 week before the lockdown was officially announced "Go home", and while we will be going back to the office, we're also told not to worry about it for the better part of another 6 months, and we'll have some WFH ability that wasn't there before.

So I think we fall somewhere in the middle of the good<->bad spectrum.