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Discussion on: Do You Even NPM, Bro??

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Oh, I totally feel that. And this whole little "journey" for me actually started with... Gists. Before I ever created a public repo, I started making little Gists for myself. Then I eventually started creating a few repos. And I only just recently started making some of that stuff into NPM packages.

While I can't disagree with this sentiment in any way, the whole reason I started going to NPM packages was because Gists end up spawning continual cycles of cut-n-paste. And if that Gist is ever updated, you don't see those updates where you've copied-n-pasted it to. Of course, if the package is dead simple, then there may be no future reason to update it. But I got tired of starting every new project by copying-n-pasting the bits that I needed in my new project over from my most recent project.