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Discussion on: Conceptual Gaps in Declarative Frontend Frameworks - Part 2 - Animations and Transitions Are Not "Nice To Have"

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Adam Nathaniel Davis

But as for your discussion on transitions and other "advanced" UI features, I absolutely agree with you. I have a whole post lined up in my head about how we (meaning, the whole universe of JS devs) need to stop thinking of our apps from a 2002 perspective. Soooo many of the React apps I see still lazily cling to a page model, in which a whole bunch regular ol' form fields are littered about. There's rarely any intelligent thought dedicated to thinking about the best possible way to facilitate user interaction and to guide the user through the app.

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Isaac Hagoel Author

Exactly 👏 👏 👏
I am kind of blaming templating (= declarative) here. HTML itself is declarative so I can see how it evolved from it. With that said HTML was not originally intended for building real apps.
The box model also doesn't help (forces the designer to think in rectangles rather than more interesting shapes, unless they are willing to CSS the $#!t out of everything).