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Discussion on: Reinventing the Wheel With React Hooks

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Good points. Hooks certainly have some advantages. I'll explore those a little further in a future post.

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Talha Mansoor

People are always using the next big thing, but that doesn’t mean it is better than the previous thing.
However, for me, hooks provide a new way to reuse specific logic.

You can say that again.

Another point I would like to add is when the community wholeheartedly moves towards the new thing, the momentum it creates forces the people sitting on the fence to follow the herd.

The latest and chic technique gets the majority mindshare. All new libraries get developed using the new thing. Old libraries that used past practices fall into disuse and stop getting the updates and fixes.

Modern web applications rely on so many libraries that size of node_modules is a running joke. It is turtles all the down. So for better or for worse, one has to follow the latest trends.