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I've been in both camps before. I think I went at least 10 years without writing a switch/case anywhere. But in the last several years, I've actually come back to switch statements. It's not like I use them everywhere - or even, often. But I do use them. IMHO, the "proper" use-case for switches is whenever you are checking one variable against a set of known values. I do not like any use of a switch where people are trying to embed logic that goes beyond the basic idea of a switch.

Also, although I'm, admittedly, a Certified Redux Hater, it's hard for anyone to love Redux and hate switches. I've even seen Redux fanboys grumble about switches that are written outside of their reducers - but they're perfectly fine using a ton of switches inside their reducers. Such pedantic distinctions make little sense.

Railing against the use of switch makes no more sense than railing against a while loop. Are while loops usually the "right" choice?? No. But there are absolutely times when a while loop is the right choice.

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