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re: I never said that C has no pointers. I meant C++ std::string. I keep hearing that C is no longer a High Level Programming Language because it is ...

Actually, the tweet shared by this article said that, as you can see at this link:

About the STD: the C++ Standard Library is a implementation of common useful objects as abstractions. The existence of such thing in C++ doesn't invalidate that C has its own abstractions as I mentioned. I really suggest you to check how C language is constructed and how to implement some basic things such as a basic server with threads, open/read/write files or a basic calculator in C.

I have no intention to offend you but seems like you have no basic notion of how C language works or what is concepts like abstractions and basic data types.

I get what you mean but people complain that they have to use char chr[] or char* chr for this.

There's a big difference between people complaining about something and people being really mindful about knowing the options to it. Compare:

// C
char * str = "hello";
// C++
std::string str = "hello";

There are more letters to be written in C++ and you are including in your executable the full string.h header. Is that valid? Are you really using all of it? For a Desktop application, this makes no sense but for embedded systems, every byte counts.

  • "You can write using namespace std; and...": No. Do not do this in your code. Check this thread at StackOverflow and do some research about it and why is considered a bad practice.

For the 'string' issue, let me suggest another approach:

// C
typedef char * string;

string str = "hello";

As an answer to people who say things like: "C is bad because it doesn't have strings!", consider asking about what they are trying to do. In general, they are complaining about scapegoats.

Definitely! I really agree with you. I hope Dev deletes/changes their tweet.

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