Discussion on: The Top 10 Books on DevOps You Need to Read

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Cain Verlinden

I personally would suggest to those who are entirely new to DevOps that they read The Phoenix Project (TPP) first because as you have said, it's a novel and can be a bit easier to digest. Also, a number of IT professionals will be able to relate and reasonate with a the issues that the Parts Unlimited IT team encounter. Then when finished with TPP, the DevOps Handbook will help concrete and firm the freshly introduced concepts from TPP.

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Jeremy Morgan Author

I put in that order because personally I went with the DevOps handbook first and it was a little slow for me to get through all the information. Then TPP really tied it all together for me nicely, so the 2nd time I read the DevOps handbook it was a breeze.

That's the long way of saying you're probably right, someone could go with TPP first because it's more likely to keep and catch their interest better.

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Simon Massey

Well yes, if you have seen how old IT fails then The Phoenix project book is a no-brainier. The 23 years old founder of the startup I had helped out wasn’t really best placed to learn from it.