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re: Caleb, if you want save and reload for React you might try using ES6 imports and HTM: HTM lets you use ES6 template literals...

Can't believe I'm just now seeing this, but it is what it is. In case any one else stumbles on this conversation, what I'm talking about is native custom event binding. In React, you pass down handlers through props: <my-el onClick={whatever}></my-el>, but that requires React's synthetic event system to know what your event name is (which it can't the way it's currently architected).

In Angular and Vue you can bind using the (event-name)="callback" or v-on:event-name="callback" syntax. LitHTML or LitElement use the @event-name="${callback}" syntax. There's currently no way to declaratively process non-native events using React/JSX and that's what I need.

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