My 2nd take-home challenge, and an online coding test

Calie Rushton on August 11, 2019

Take-home challenge 2 So a few weeks back I wrote about my first take home challenge and what I got out of it. This week I was asked to look at o... [Read Full]
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Another good post about the coding process. I like these b/c it gives new developers tips without being negative about the interview process itself.

I especially like this comment " code challenge is not the time to teach yourself a new framework"

I typically use the framework I'm most comfortable with (at that moment) so I can complete the assignment quickly. If I were to use a new framework, I'd feel I've invested too much time (physically and emotionally) if I got rejected..


Thank you Jeff, for taking the time to respond to this and my other post. I find it helpful to document the process and if it helps someone else that's even better. It's good to have positive feedback from a developer with your experience.

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