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My question: How do you maintain your learning while not getting information overload?

I know it's a given, but I'd suggest taking it one step at a time.

Continually challenge yourself, but not too much. Come up with a simple idea for a website or a feature, that is just a little beyond your current knowledge.

Say you're not very comfortable with jquery yet, but you understand the fundamentals of javascript - Maybe try making a simple dropdown menu, or even a hamburger menu.

Recently I started getting familiar with Firebase. I didn't know anything about it (I am still somewhat new to back-end development), so I started simple. I made a login page that uses Google's user authentication system. Then I took it a little further - I made a really, really simple social media feed, where users can post little text snippets and it shows up on every clients feed.

It can be hard to not get overwhelmed, but I find it helpful to remind myself that I will never know it all. No matter how skilled I get, there will always be more things that I don't know than do

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