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Discussion on: Feedback On My Portfolio Site

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Gage Henderson Author

They're different enough though that it was jarring to go from the all-white to the colors. I'd consider dumping the intro bit.

I could see that. I thought something like that would help me stand out, but if it's taking away from the experience of the site as a whole, then I definitely need to consider scrapping it.

I found the blue text on orange background to be difficult to read (the inverse seemed fine to me).

Good to know, I might tweak the shades of the colors when it is orange background/blue foreground - Try to make the orange darker and the blue brighter to give it more contrast and hopefully make it easier to read.

The only "off" thing I noticed was then when the page first loaded the contact & other links at the bottom didn't work, either the mouse over or the hyperlink, until I'd scrolled a bit.

!!!! Need to fix this. Thank you for letting me know

You come across as creative and competent to technically implement something creative. Great job!

Thank you! And thanks for the critiques, definitely gave me some more to-do's :)