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Discussion on: What is the worst advice for the newbie?

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Carl Anderson • Edited

It's still amazing to me that people recommend you learn other languages to learn JS. I've seen people recommend Python, C/C++, Ruby... If you want to learn JS, learn JS damn it.

Most of the bad advice I see do things like setting up false expectations about how things are going to feel, send developers on wild goose chases (as in the python case), or putting up false barriers.

I just wrote an article on this, actually...

I think the most damaging piece of advice that beginners get is "Come do this other course." -- When you're working with the basics, courses are basically interchangeable. Beginner concepts are very concrete. It's hard to teach a for-loop wrong.

What this advice does is lure beginners into a false sense of "the grass is greener", and the reason they're still struggling to build software is that they haven't done the right course yet. So they keep starting over again, looking for this magic course but never addressing their actual issue (which is that they haven't been learning to build software). Welcome to Tutorial Hell.

Again, more shameless plugging here, but I expanded on this idea in