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Discussion on: Questions about Full Stack JS

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Carl Anderson

Before we get too into this, it's worth keeping in mind YAGNI. It's best if you focus on getting the core functionality of your blog in place before thinking about ways to improve it.

1) Is node.js good for MySQL or PostgreSQL?

The truth is that it doesn't matter - they'll both work perfectly. This isn't the kind of decision you should be wasting too much time on. Pick whichever you like best, and don't look back.

2) Which Template Engine should I use? I searched and I found many people mention Handlebars, pug, ejs.

As above, this doesn't hugely matter. You can choose React here if you like, but it'll likely be a little harder. If this is your first time using a template engine, I'd pick something that resembles HTML (like handlebars) so you can get used to the concepts.

3) Should I learn webpack?

Probably not at this stage. Webpack is complex, and if we go back to YAGNI, it's a whole lot of effort for not much impact. When you've done everything else, you can come back and give this a try if you feel it's necessary.

4) Should I learn Docker?

As above, probably not right now. Composing apps out of Docker is useful since you can spin up copies of the environment easily, but at the cost of a lot of initial setup work. Are you going to be spinning up new instances of your blog to make that work worth it?