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Discussion on: Serverless Static Wordpress on AWS for $0.01 a day

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CaptDragon • Edited on

This is great so thank you for this. I'm assuming this won't work for any sites containing sign-up forms or with comments enabled correct? Being serverless, no forms would work correct?

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Pete Wilcock Author

@capdragon Indeed not at the moment, although I recognise a form mailer will be essential for many. I'm looking to integrate something like this: along with a bundled plugin that'll let you formpost as you usually expect.

For my own sites, I'm using a Facebook comment plugin, but again I think I could rustle up an acceptable alternative to this in time.

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Leon Stafford

@capdragon , here's some options, there are more recent ones which also look good, not yet listed there:

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Olivier Jacques

If you need comments, and your target audience are devs (well, GitHub users), then I can only recommend giscus, which leverages GitHub discussions for comments:

Here is how it looks:

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