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I find myself in this existential crisis, it seems that nothing I learn will be, after all, I do not see any company asking you to do "Hello World" or a button to click. Feel like someone or course giving examples of how to think inside the office, what you are really going to do, what are the tools that you will use even. I am 6 months studying Python, I searched for Jr. jobs and nothing, I'm forgetting some things because no one cares. 1 month ago I started JavaScript, hmlt, css .... and I already saw a stack of "hello world", I just saw a blog comparing what you learn in the courses, and what you apply in the office, and it was discouraging, for I left Python temporarily, I hope it does not happen the same JavaScript ..., I have attention decit (ADHD) which sometimes helps, but sometimes it hinders ... my energies are already running out. Thanks for the text, it reflects my current moment well.

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