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Discussion on: Journey into Web Monetization - day 1

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Carl Barrdahl Author

Thank you!

I don't know much about RapidAPI but it seems to be a way to monetize APIs by a subscription model to get x number of calls each month.

I think Web Monetization will allow for more granular control and pull-based payments (instead of pushing money from your credit-card).

Imagine you connect your wallet to your browser (or use an extension like Coil or maybe Metamask?). Websites you visit can then pull payments from your wallet like a continous stream.

So this would be a way to monetize PWAs where instead of a flat-rate monthly fee subscription you only pay for the time you actually use the app (or certain "premium" APIs).

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Rohan Sawant

Hmm, so you mean, add this on top of AWS Lamda-like thing? That sounds interesting.

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Rapid are great and do offer a very easy way to earn from your APIs
you can also check out , there's greater flexibility with pricing and half of the commission, plus you can upload raw code/project and the platform creates an API for you.