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Discussion on: 9 books that helped me navigate my first time being a tech lead

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Carlos • Edited on

"When am i supposed to code if I'm stuck in meetings and dealing with people all the time?" I feel you man... this part sucks hard time. Lately I find myself investing time outside normal working hours just to do some catch up but at the end of the day feels useless and frustration won’t stop. There’s always more to do.
I will take a look at those books! Thank you!

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Danny Perez Author

Been there. Done that. And seen manager managers burn out after being there and doing just that. Sneaking a few hours at night or on the weekends just to get that feeling of being productive.

All too often it might feel like time spent managing isn't time well spent at all - despite that being our job. There's a balance to strike though, and hopefully you figure it out sooner rather than later.

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Hey Carlos, I fell down that hole at my last company. 70 hour weeks became the norm and my family took the brunt of it. It's not worth it.

The biggest thing that I had to learn how to do was to say 'no' to meetings that weren't absolutely necessary. It's a tough lesson, but it saves you in the long run.

And then there's finding the time to code inside the usual 40 hour work week that we should strive to keep. Well, I just put together a post on that topic. Hopefully you can take something away from it!