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Discussion on: I just made my first $1 on the Internet!!! 😲💸

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Karel De Smet • Edited on

You're welcome! If you ever need more feedback, feel free to ping me on Linkedin (

As a final note: I believe a lot of domain name registrars (take GoDaddy just to name one) would love to have what you're building. They already recommend other domain names based on a customer's search, but you can (over time) provide significantly better results with AI. Then you could probably convince registrars to use your API for a fee (granted it's reliable and meets modern standards) instead of them having to build their own tooling around this.

Also know that this is just my view on things (but without trying to sound arrogant: I've worked for a registrar before, and I've also worked on a product launch for which we had to find and register domain names). There might be others who have another take on this and it's worthwhile to have as much feedback as possible. But since you're actively asking for it, you seem on the right track.

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Hugo Montenegro Author

You're awesome, I'll add you on LinkedIn.

Yes, I was thinking of offering an API. If services like GoDaddy used it, that'd be a dream come true!