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Discussion on: Choosing a static site generator with zero experience

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Karel De Smet

I think Eleventy is a sound choice. I feel it doesn't have the overhead of Hugo or Gatsby to get started, it basically just works as you'd expect with minimal set-up. You can easily extend the templating syntax and tweak the configuration.
That said, I wouldn't pick it for larger or non-personal projects because I feel it's more limited in its out-of-the-box capabilities than some of the others. In my opinion, the docs could also be improved, but I'm sure they will catch up over time.

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David Large Author

Thanks! I also got the impression that Eleventy has lower overheads, and for a real beginner like me that's very appealing. Fair point about its potential limitations for larger sites — I'll keep an eye out for those, though I don't know that I'll hit the edges of it for a while!