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Discussion on: Fellow runner devs out there? Would love to know what made you choose running

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Carly Ho 🌈
  1. My parents made me pick a sport in 5th grade because I wanted to spend all my time indoors reading books or on the computer, and I wasn't allowed to do volleyball until 6th grade
  2. The cross-country coach for 7th-12th grades ended up being my favorite teacher on account of he was also the math teacher, a big nerd, and facilitated the independent study programming classes, and he generally looked out for me at school
  3. It was the first thing I was actively bad at that I had to learn to work hard at to become kind of good atβ€”eventually I got three varsity letters and two years of captaincy

I keep getting out of shape and getting back into shape and getting out of shape due to time, health stuff, etc, but now that the weather's warming up I'm excited to get myself back on the wagon!