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Discussion on: Let me do my damn job or do it yourself

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I've experienced this far too often. The formula usually goes like this: company hires me for specific reason, and to accomplish specific tasks. I was hired for this because they recognized the current team lacked these skills and I had years of experience. When I go to do those tasks, my approach is endlessly questioned, and my ideas are ultimately rejected because they aren't something other folks on the team have seen/done before (well no shit!).

Now, this would be understandable if I was introducing an entirely new stack or new programming language, but no, I was working with the exact same stack.

I could always defend my ideas successfully, but I would still be treated this way. At one point I was just thinking "Ok, so you actually want to do this job yourself, so I don't see why you hired me."

This kinda thing is also very hard to avoid when you're evaluating whether or not you want to take the job. In the beginning a rosy picture is painted of all the cool things you'll be building, and the autonomy you'll have, but after 6 months it wears off.

Long story short, good engineering managers and teams are a rarity!