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Discussion on: What to do when you feel stuck in your career?

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Dustin King • Edited

Maybe you need some space to figure out what's next, or to decompress, or self-reflect, or whatever.

If you can afford it, it's okay to not work for a while. Add up your expenses and see how long you could last on your savings (be sure to look up rates for insurance and the like, if you live somewhere with a third-rate public health system). Nobody stops you from not working. It does get harder to relate to family and friends though, without a canned "oh, you know, work is work" answer to what you've been up to.

"Self-funded sabbatical" is how I'm calling this period on my resume. YMMV. I'd recommend coming up with a default exit plan for getting back to work with some buffer.

Or maybe you can negotiate a sabbatical from your current job with the expectation that you'll come back afterward. Or cover your expenses some other way. ("consulting" is a thing I hear people say, but it sounds like something for someone with more business skills and gravitas than me.)

Edit to add: That's what I did, but I guess it depends how exactly you're stuck.