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An alternative approach to this question is to put the cities into an easier to work with data structure, such as a map (aka object) of sets, with the key being a canonical rotation, and then translate that into the desired array of arrays in the output. (Here is that as a gist. )

You didn't ask for suggestions on the solution, but I couldn't resist playing around with the exercise. I might have drawn a blank if asked to come up with this at a whiteboard though. My first solution was four nested loops.


I do whiteboard interviews (interviewers side ;) ).
A clean and readable solution with nested loops would have been perfect for me.


I laughed so hard at "four nested loops" 😂😂😂


Hi Dustin, thanks for your reply!
I didn't ask for suggestion because I'm sure there are so many solutions to this test!
More performant, more declarative, more functional, more more more :)
Someone may even find an O(1) version of this, I don't know :D

As you said the problem is doing it there, under pressure. I like to write elegant code, I like approaching problem methodically, I do like these problems. But my method it just doesn't work in a context like that. Not when the stakes were so high.

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