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User Questions:

  • How often do sites' look wrong because you've increased your system font size?
  • How often do you have to zoom in/out on a web page?
  • How often do you find yourself waiting for sites to load?
  • How often do sites' layouts move after (you thought) they were already loaded?
  • How often do you lose the state of what you were doing, due to a site or app reloading (such as while you are browsing a timeline and the contents of the timeline being replaced)?
  • How often do sites fail or refuse service because of the privacy, security, or other settings you've enabled in your browser?
  • How often do sites feel sluggish or delayed?
  • How often do you feel like if you weren't a Developer, using a particular site or app would be impossible or much more frustrating?

Developer Questions:

  • How often are you able to use the language or tools you want for web development? (e.g. if you'd rather be using language x but can't because front end, or if you'd like to use language x but your company or web host mandates language y)
  • NoSQL or Mo' SQL?
  • What do you use for APIs, REST, GraphQL, or...?
  • Are the apps you work on Monoliths vs. Microservices?
  • How old are the apps you frequently work on?
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