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Discussion on: Erase Distinctions Between Desktop and Mobile, Web and Native

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Dustin King Author

Thanks for your thoughts. As someone who's used at least a dozen languages, I know it's fun to learn new things.

I agree that what I'm talking about is not possible in all situations. It's more like (the beginnings of) a mission statement. It's intended to say that we should value certain things, even if they currently are not valued by the status quo. If people want what I'm talking about, they'll demand it from the developers of the software and platforms they use. If nobody wants it, then things will stay as they are.

While platforms often prefer certain languages, that's a choice that platform authors make, which they could have chosen otherwise. In your blog post, it was Apple who chose to exclude React and Xamarin developers, not something inherent to what iOS is. Netscape chose not to make a language-agnostic scripting environment the norm for the web.

Wheels often have to be reinvented when there's a new way of doing things. That's not necessarily a reason not to try.

Regarding hiring: React Native and Transcrypt are possible solutions when you already have front-end developers or Python developers respectively. React and Python are both already popular tools. In the case of React Native, I doubt hiring would be an issue. In the case of Transcrypt, I want to work on it, for one, and would be overjoyed if someone paid me to do that. I know lots of other people who like Python at least, and I bet some of them would work with Transcrypt if there were money involved.