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Two years ago I quit my job as a contractor for the US Coast Guard. I had some vague business ideas I wanted to try, but mainly I left to take control over my own life. In that respect it's a failure, but I've learned a lot about my ability, or rather inability, to function outside of certain environments, and disproved my theory that the reason my side projects never got off the ground was because my job was sapping all my energy. (Turns out the problem was me all along. 😬👍)

A year or two before I left, I had tallied up my expenses and determined that I could survive for a while without an income. When certain things started to go south at the local facility where I worked, I looked around and said to myself that I was done with this, and set a date when I would give notice. When the time came, that was a hard e-mail to send, and it took me about a day to actually do it.

I consider it the best decision I've ever made, even though I haven't quite figured out how to move on from here.

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